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Sgt. Geo 'Press' Adams
Sgt. JD Baribault
Sgt. Dan Daniels
Sgt. Tom Eldridge
Sgt. Charlie Hoke
Sgt. Ed Martin
Sgt. Eddie Seamands
Sgt. Con Ward
Lt. Robert Cox
Lt. Thomas Faull
Lt. Dan Githens
Lt. Billy Hay
Lt. Harry Knickelbein
Lt. Jack Lally
Lt. Lally. p.2
Lt. Ed Leidecker
Lt. Fritz Liebich
Lt. KO Misamore
Capt. Bill Patterson
Capt. Patterson, p.2
Capt. Casey Stalnaker
Capt. Casey Stalnaker, p2
Capt. Morgan Webb
Lt. Frank Whalen
Capt. John Worlund
National Archives


Capt. Patterson earned his wings in 1943, then went to Ft. Lauderdale to specialize in TBFs.

Naval Aviator rating issued Feb 1943

Capt. Patterson's instrument rating.

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TBF Training class at Ft. Lauderdale.

His next assignment was in VMTB-134.  He and Robert 'Toby' Cromwell were among the first to use the new 5 inch aircraft rockets in combat.  Ten pilots were selected for combat trials.  The concept was to find a way for attack planes to use guided projectiles but without the recoil of a cannon.  Note the rails welded under the wings.  Bill's group was called the Rockettes!

Bill Patterson's Office

The ground crews of VMTB-134, 1943/4.

Officers, VMTB-134

Bill with his TBF.

"Rockettes", the early USMC pioneers in the use of High Velocity Aircraft Rockets (HVARs).

Another photo of some "Rockettes". Note welded-on rocket rails.

Bill's map of the Rapopo Airfield and its defenses near Rabaul, a frequent target in those days.

Capt. Patterson was asked to join VMTB-143 and help carry the lessons learned with rockets into the arena of close air support.

Capt. Bill Patterson.

Note early VMTB-143 squadron patch under canopy sill.

Officers in training at MCAS Santa Barbara. Not all went out on the USS Gilbert Islands cruise.

VMTB-143 aboard the USS Gilbert Islands, summer 1945. Officers, aircrew, mechanics, and service personnel.

VMTB-143 officers, summer 1945. Bill was on assignment and not in the picture.

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