Capt. Bill Patterson's Photos

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Sgt. Geo 'Press' Adams
Sgt. JD Baribault
Sgt. Dan Daniels
Sgt. Tom Eldridge
Sgt. Charlie Hoke
Sgt. Ed Martin
Sgt. Eddie Seamands
Sgt. Con Ward
Lt. Robert Cox
Lt. Thomas Faull
Lt. Dan Githens
Lt. Billy Hay
Lt. Harry Knickelbein
Lt. Jack Lally
Lt. Lally. p.2
Lt. Ed Leidecker
Lt. Fritz Liebich
Lt. KO Misamore
Capt. Bill Patterson
Capt. Patterson, p.2
Capt. Casey Stalnaker
Capt. Casey Stalnaker, p2
Capt. Morgan Webb
Lt. Frank Whalen
Capt. John Worlund
National Archives


Farewell in California.

'til we come home.

Snapsots of another carrier in Pearl Harbor.

3 on deck - another carrier.

Lts. Githens, Cromwell and Capt. Patterson in the Ready Room.

Capt. Patterson receives DFC from Capt. Rice for action in the Solomons with VMTB-134.

Gunnery practice.

The flight deck can be very crowded!

LSO Capt. John Fidler USMC at work.

TBMs warming up for launch.

P83 Rebel approaching cat. swiss replica watches

P83 nose art detail.

P84 Fertile Myrtle.

P84 detail.

Capt Patterson about to go! Note catapault rope tied to TBM.

P81 nose detail.

TBM at launch!

F4Us on deck.

Corsair cat launch!

Capt Patterson in the office.

Capt. Patterson with USN enlisted.

Beautifully detailed photo of the well-dressed USMC pilot.

Collage of TBM details.

Saipan stop after the war.

Lt. Whalen on Saipan.

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