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Lt. Lally. p.2
Lt. Ed Leidecker
Lt. Fritz Liebich
Lt. KO Misamore
Capt. Bill Patterson
Capt. Patterson, p.2
Capt. Casey Stalnaker
Capt. Casey Stalnaker, p2
Capt. Morgan Webb
Lt. Frank Whalen
Capt. John Worlund
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Cadet Githens, 1943

Newly minted pilot.

Log showing various ferry trips. Panerai Replica Watches

Lt. Dan Githens in VMTB-143 livery.

Bombing practice on a towed target.

Reverse of previous picture. A lethal hit!

Jeannie and Dan Githens in Santa Barbara.

At San Pedro Harbor, April 1945. (l to r) the Githens, Hays, Worlunds and Pattersons.

Bill and Ni Patterson Apr45.

(l to r) Billy Hay, K.O. Misamore (KIA 6/45), Dan Githens and Bill Patterson

Dan in the office.

The carrier's aft elevator is down.

Dan Githens congratulates Billy Hay for 1000th landing on the Gilbert Islands.

Dan Githens (left) in front of P79.

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