Lt. Ed Leidecker's Photos


Sgt. Geo 'Press' Adams
Sgt. JD Baribault
Sgt. Dan Daniels
Sgt. Tom Eldridge
Sgt. Charlie Hoke
Sgt. Ed Martin
Sgt. Eddie Seamands
Sgt. Con Ward
Lt. Robert Cox
Lt. Thomas Faull
Lt. Dan Githens
Lt. Billy Hay
Lt. Harry Knickelbein
Lt. Jack Lally
Lt. Lally. p.2
Lt. Ed Leidecker
Lt. Fritz Liebich
Lt. KO Misamore
Capt. Bill Patterson
Capt. Patterson, p.2
Capt. Casey Stalnaker
Capt. Casey Stalnaker, p2
Capt. Morgan Webb
Lt. Frank Whalen
Capt. John Worlund
National Archives


This set of photos is from Ed's training days at Pensacola.  The shoulder patch is for the Naval Air Station at Pensacola.  I'm including some pictures of his instructor H S Steed - have you ever seen a more confident looking pilot instructor?  (Click on a thumbnail to see the image at full size.)


Ed's next assignment was VMSB-232 where he was an enlisted pilot.  Here's his scroll of 232 taken April 17, 1943 the day MCAS El Toro was dedicated.  The victory board in the center relates to the squadron's prior service on Guadalcanal.  The original picture is 10" x 38".

After his combat tour in 232 Ed was sent to VMTB-143.  This assignment predates the June 1944 reforming in Goleta.  Pilots Morgan Webb and Casey Stalnaker are in the pictures too. 

The flight crews.


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Ed Leidecker, Morgan Webb, Casey Stalnaker and John Worlund stayed in VMTB-143 after the squadron was reformed at Goleta in June 1944.

Casey Stalnaker relaxes by lighting up.

Ed is flying P-80 in this undated picture.

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