Col. William Campbell's photos


Col. Campbell's photos
Capt. John Fidler
Capt. Eldon Fulwood


VMO-251 had a multi-handed mascot for their squadron symbol which represented their many tasks.  Some of the photos are obviously from that era (1942-43) while others are undated.  (Note added Jan 2008: The IDs for the VMF-212 picture were kindly provided by Charles Quilter II.)

Studio portrait

VMF-212 at Efate, mid-1942

VMO-251 Wildcats

Unknown VMO-251 pilot.

Unknown VMO-251 pilot.

Crossing the equator party

Blaine Baesler, later CO of VMF-512

Col. Campbell standing center

Col. Campbell (r) and unknown

The "Snafu Maru"

A classic pose at the latrine

Unknown Naval officer, also seen in previous photo.

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