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This group of Lt. Reichwald's photos depicts pilots of VMF-512 .

Norm Reichwald

VMF-512 CO Maj. Blaine Baesler

William Sharpe

Jerome Windham

Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson

Jeff Justice

Wayne Klever (left) and Jeff Justice

Jack Moss (left), Norm Reichwald and Lloyd Steeb (in back)

John Noble

John Worlund, CO VMTB-143, at left, with John Noble

John Noble (left) and Virgil Koenig

Norm Reichwald

(l to r) Jack Moss, Norm Reichwald, Arlo Southwick, Wayne Klever and Dave Kiersey

Norm Reichwald and Jack Moss (r)

The photo collection includes strike missions and 'after the battle' pictures.  The strike photos were taken by the TBMs of VMTB-143 and distributed to all.

Okinawa, May 1945.

Ishigaki Island, June 1945.

MG nest on Okinawa.

Baka suicide bombs on Okinawa.

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Lineup at Tacloban airstrip, P.I.

Officer's club, Tarapan.

USS Gilbert Islands underway

The carrier in Pearl Harbor

Stern view of the Gilbert Islands.

Here's a nice set of photos of the Corsairs flown by VMF-512.

11 'The Mad Cossack'. Other photos show it as 26.

16 'Susie Q' and Lt. Reichwald.

21 'The Brooklyn Butcher'

25 at launch. This photo was inspiration for a painting by Alex Raymond.

26 'The Mad Cossack'

28 after a landing accident.

F4U folding its wings.

Touchdown! Note tail hook and stretched wire.

Photogenic on-deck lineup of F4Us.

VMF-512 at Marpi Pt. Saipan. F4Us and F6Fs.

Lt. Reichwald's collection includes these beauties of the nose art on the TBMs of VMTB-143.

P80 Laurie Ellen II

P81 The Loose Goose

P83 Rebel

P84 Fertile Myrtle, a turkey that carries a bomb.

P86 Oil Turmoil

P87 Doris Mae

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